DeltaWalker—sophisticated, approachable, fun to use.

File, folder comparison & synchronization for Mac OS X

DeltaWalker for Mac OS X


DeltaWalker, Deltopia's file and folder comparison and synchronization software application/diff tool for Mac OS X, lets you compare, edit, and merge files and synchronize folders—local and remote. It does so visually and intuitively, offering clarity, productivity, ease of use, native looks and top performance.

DeltaWalker runs on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.7 (Lion), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.5 (Leopard), both 64 and 32-bit, as well as 10.4.6 or newer (Tiger).

From $39.95


Tens of thousands of users—from savvy individuals to software professionals demanding the very best of their tools, from one-man shops to Fortune 50 companies—trust DeltaWalker with their file and folder comparison needs. Daily.

Here's who, how, and why.


  • Software and Web Developers
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Code Reviewers
  • Release Engineers and Managers
  • Language Translators
  • Legal and Publishing Professionals
  • Scientists, Researchers, Engineers
  • Computer Users

Runs Where it Counts

DeltaWalker plays nicely with the world's top three operating systems: OS X, Windows, Linux.

Yet, it stands alone as the only diff tool with intelligent, native UI on all three platforms, identical functionality and breathtaking performance.

Location Transparency

SFTP, FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV... no need of multiple apps when working with remote resources. Take your productivity to a new level with the world's most versatile diff tool. Remote or local, DeltaWalker treats them all the same and should your network speed allow it you wouldn't even know you've gone remote.

Worth a Thousand Words: DeltaWalker Imaging

Functional and beautiful. Intuitive and versatile. Visualization and pix-by-pix differencing. Zooming and panning. 2-way and 3-way; your way.


Today's Fastest Folder Comparison

There's fast, there's faster and there's fastest. Then there's DeltaWalker!

Not merely the fastest folder comparison on the top three platforms; it's up to 70x faster than the second-best OS X diff tool. Adaptable in its core, and to your available processor cores, DeltaWalker takes full advantage of your HW.

GB of data, hundreds of thousands of files and folders, DeltaWalker is your friend!

From iWork to Office

From plain to Rich Text Format (RTF). From iWork - Pages, Numbers, Keynote to Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint docs, DeltaWalker has you covered. Add PDF support and the best character encoding auto-detection and you get the most comprehensive doc format coverage amongst any diff tools on the market today.

Let DeltaWalker strip away pictures and formatting and leave you with the only thing that matters—the text. All integrated and ready to go, no other apps necessary.

One-click SCM Integration

DeltaWalker sports industry's first and only one-click integration with Git, SVN, Mercurial, Bazaar and easily integrates with other SCMs and applications.

From JAR to TAR

From ZIP, JAR, WAR, EAR, AIR to GZ, TGZ, BZ2, TBZ2 and TAR, there's no archive format worth its salt DeltaWalker doesn't handle for you. Visualize and compare them as if they were simply folders.

Side-by-side Folder and File Comparisons

Ergonomics at its finest: file and folder comparison windows mingle in harmony letting you see both the forest and the trees. Should something attention-worthy hit you while browsing your folder comparison results, double-hit it back and it'll open just below (default) or side-by-side. It's that intuitive.

Best in Class Filters

Should there be things in your folder comparison you don't care about, there are things in DeltaWalker you should know about: Path, Date, Size and Attribute folder comparison filters, powered by regular or shell expressions.

Wanna get fancy and compare resources with only partially-matching names? You have another filter-friend: Alignment Override.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Quickly compare by size, permissions or date modified. Ignore timezone diffs, daylight saving diffs, or any other time diffs.

Compare without compromise using the 100% reliable and 100% optimized byte-by-byte comparison, or compare as text using two finely-tuned text comparison algorithms governed by customizable text comparison rules.

Search, Don't Scroll

Search as fast as you type for the files and folders you care about within your folder comparison results. Instantly find your way in folder hierarchies with hundreds of thousands of items.

Print & Print Preview

Printing a file or a folder comparison in DeltaWalker is but a click away. Scalable and customizable, the print preview lets you see exactly what's going to be printed. The Page Setup dialog allows you to fully customize and preview your headers and footers prior to printing.

Report Generation

Highly optimized and finely tuned file and folder comparison HTML reports in seconds. If your browser can handle it, so can DeltaWalker. Trivial? Then try the linked folder comparison reports—folder comparison reports with links to individual file comparison reports.

Birds-eye View

Wanna see these about your diffs:

  • type—deletion, addition, difference, and conflicting difference (three-way comparison only)
  • size
  • frequency
  • distribution
  • selection, if any

Then look to the right and no further. Click a marker, it'll take you to its diff.

Fly-by Point-and-click Merge Buttons

There when you need them and not a moment longer the point-and-click merge buttons are clear, non-intrusive, precision-positioned and versatile in functionality. They are a powerful and ergonomic way for replacing, adding and deleting differences.

Structured XML View

Hierarchical and textual at the same time, XML files with logically identical content can easily appear different when compared as text if their formatting, or attribute order, is different. Intended to be human-readable, XML data are often computer-generated and many generators are clueless about formatting and attribute ordering.

DeltaWalker's XML structure view brings the actual XML diffs into the spotlight.

It's Your DeltaWalker

If you can think of it, you can probably customize it: from diff colors to file and folder comparison fonts, from tab positions to shortcut keys, from comparison methods to comparison filters, DeltaWalker would either adapt itself to the way you work or will let you do it.