About Deltopia

Like so many of you, we wake up every day with the hope that it'll be a great day and with the determination to make it happen. We then put all our passion, heart and energy into it for we know that a great day for us is a great day for you too, and vice versa.

We dream big, and small, unafraid of the deep engineering & attention to detail essential in allowing you to focus on the task at hand, rather than the tool. Rolling up sleeves, questioning convention and innovating are tenets we live by.

We are no serial entrepreneurs. We love our craft and hope that our love and our imperfect strive for perfection will come through to you, bring a smile to your face and in a small, yet positive way make your day a better one.

Designed for the home and office, our products combine ruthless practicality with an intellectually satisfying, at times mischievous, design aesthetic.

We do what we do from a studio in sunny Encinitas, a small beach town in Southern California.

Deltopia is privately-held, self-funded, and profitable.